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$13,364,277,403.00$392,503,936.0035,045,020,830 ADA

Cardano (ADA) current price is $0.3809 with a marketcap of $13,364,277,403.00. Its price is -3.06% down in the last 24 hours.

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Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency



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Cardano, a decentralized platform, will allow complex and programmable value transfers in a secure but scalable manner.

It is the first blockchain to be constructed in Haskell, a highly secure programming language.

Cardano is currently developing a smart contract platform that will deliver advanced features beyond any protocol that has been previously created.

It is the first platform that has emerged from a scientific philosophy and a research-driven approach.

The development team is made up of an international group of expert engineers and researchers.

Cardano is unique among other blockchain projects in that it addresses regulatory oversight while protecting consumer privacy through innovative software architecture.

This protocol uses a flexible, scalable, and layered blockchain software stack. It is being developed using the highest academic and commercial software standards.

Cardano will adopt a democratic governance structure that allows the project's evolution over time and funds itself sustainably through visionary treasury systems.

Technological Innovation Cardano was the first protocol that included Ouroboros, a ground-breaking proof of stake algorithm.

Cardano was built by the IOHK team using a "first principles" approach. This was based on peer-reviewed academic research.

This collaborative effort resulted in the first cryptocurrency to be built in Haskell code. It focuses on industrial strength products that provide the resilience required for mission-critical systems. In this case, it is securing investments.

Cardano's multilayer protocol is advanced and elegantly links to a control layer.

The settlement layer will have one unit of account while the control layer, which will run smart contracts, will recognize the identity and assist compliance (and allow blacklisting).

This protocol is designed to protect users' privacy rights while also considering regulatory needs. Cardano is pioneering a new way of cryptocurrencies and is the first protocol that balances these requirements.

Soft fork upgrades are also possible, which allows the system to quickly adapt to changing requirements and evolve as needed.

The protocol's sustainability will be ensured by a treasury system.

Cardano was built with the spirit of collaboration. It is completely open-source, patent-free, and has no source code. Cardano is designed for efficiency and scalability. It will become the largest cryptocurrency ecosystem ever created.

Cardano Conceptual Innovation

i. Privacy & regulation. The original Bitcoin blockchain was intended to allow individuals to transact anonymously and directly with each other without the need for banks or governments.

This ensures privacy in financial transactions, which is a fundamental right of every individual. However, full anonymity could be counterproductive.

Most blockchain projects today are focused on regulation or privacy.

We believe that blockchains must be globally effective by ensuring the right balance between individual privacy protection and regulatory control.

ii. GovernancePublic, decentralized Blockchain projects rely on crowd-based governance models. This allows participants to exercise democratic control over the network, which is crucial for building truly decentralized economies.

But, they can be a disaster if not well designed.

Both the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities have been ravaged by schisms over the question of how to upgrade networks. In Ethereum's case, this has already led to a split.

Cardano's blockchain is governed by a strict governance model, which allows for democratically taking clear and binding decisions.

iii. FundingThe Cardano Blockchain has complex maintenance and development requirements and can adequately fund itself in terms of new investment and running costs.

The Token: ADA VoucherEvery blockchain-related project has a token that is of value, commonly referred to by the term cryptocurrency.

Ada is the Cardano cryptocurrency. Ada holders can use it to send value between friends or pay for goods or services, deposit funds on exchanges, and even enter applications.

You must own Ada or purchase Ada through an exchange to perform a settlement layer transfer.

It will also serve as the native token for applications that are built on the computation layer.

The Wallet: DaedalusEach cryptocurrency needs a "wallet" in order to store Ada.

This wallet can typically be used on any smartphone or computer that has a compatible software application.

Daedalus, a wallet that is highly engineered and has advanced security features designed by IOHK for the Cardano Blockchain, protect your assets using the most advanced cryptography.

Daedalus will support Ada in the future as well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin.

The Cardano Foundation

The Cardano Foundation is a non-profit organization whose core mission is to promote, standardize and protect the Cardano Protocol technology.

The Cardano Foundation is a Cardano educational and supervisory body. Our mission is:

1. Standardize, protect and promote Cardano Protocol applications

2. Be a community hub that provides timely, authoritative information about technology and Cardano’s vast potential

3. Establish strategic partnerships with companies, enterprises, and other open-source projects, influence regulatory agencies, establish and maintain contact with government officials, and help to create formal software standards for Cardano. This is a critical feature that will ensure its continued success, as well as government engagement.

The following are the areas of focus:

1. Cardano Protocol-We acts as an objective standards body for Cardano Protocol as it evolves.

2. Cardano community – We support, grow, and help educate Cardano's blockchain community.

3. Cardano ecosystem – We work to expand the Cardano ecosystem and protect it.

This includes promoting Cardano to commercial entities as well as serving as an objective organization for businesses interested in joining Cardano.

4. Serving the wider Blockchain community - We aim at influencing and moving the emerging commercial landscape for blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies in general.

We approach regulatory and government agencies proactively and forge strategic partnerships with enterprises and businesses.

IOHK was founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, and Jeremy Wood and is a leading engineering and technology company. It uses peer-to-peer innovation to offer financial services to the three billion people who don't have them.

This group has been contracted to design, construct, and maintain Cardano until 2020.

Emurgo captures blockchain technology's transformative power for the developing world.

Emurgo will support and fund decentralized applications based on Cardano technology. This could lead to the creation of groundbreaking applications.

Project Road Map IOHK now has the settlement layer. This allows you to trade, purchase, and transact Ada tokens without the need for the computation layer.

The computation layer's goal is to release a beta by the first quarter of 2018.

Users will be able to create a customized environment for decentralized applications on the Cardano stack once both computation and settlement layers are available.

IOHK plans to continue working on Cardano’s long-term scalability in 2019 and increase its capabilities. IOHK, as a developer, has been contracted to maintain Cardano through 2020.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that can support itself and is capable of funding itself.

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