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10 Ways Laravel Development can be Crucial for Your Enterprise

10 Ways Laravel Development can be Crucial for Your Enterprise

Since several decades, there has been a gradual development in the IT field. Software development, website development and many other fields have experienced seamless technological development and updates, and with each update more effective and efficient results were seen.

In this post, we are going to discuss one such technology- Laravel! We shall have a detailed discussion, right from Laravel, its importance and other aspects including how it helps SMEs to survive in this competitive IT market!

So, let's start!

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source platform. In fact, Laravel has emerged as the most well-known and widely used PHP framework since its release in 2011. Despite the fact that there are numerous PHP frameworks, including CakePHP and CodeIgniter, the Laravel framework is strongly preferred. 

The majority of developers and business owners are drawn to it by its incredible features and functionalities. The clean and expressive syntax of the Laravel framework is one of its best qualities. It is also created in a way that streamlines and speeds up the entire web development process.

In addition to these, it has access to pre-loaded in-built features like user authentication, routing, and session management, which makes it easier for developers to work on the PHP Laravel framework.

Why is Laravel preferred over other frameworks?

There are a lot of things that make Laravel stand out from others, but there are top 5 features that one cannot overlook. Let’s have a quick glance over those-

1. Blade Template Engine

  • Blade Template Engine is a powerful alternative to conventional PHP template engines.
  • The majority of the time, it doesn't prevent you from utilising simple PHP code in views.
  • It comes with convenient shortcuts for standard PHP functions and adds zero overhead to your web application.
  • Some of the unique features, such as template inheritance and data visualisation, provide flexibility in the web development process.

2. Eloquent ORM

  • It provides the ActiveRecord implementation feature, which facilitates simple database interaction, to web developers.
  • Developers can create database queries using PHP syntax.
  • For either changing or updating the database, little to no SQL expertise is needed.

3. Laravel MVC Architecture

  • It is an MVC-based PHP framework 
  • It ensures that presentation layers and business logic are kept strictly separate.
  • High performance, improved security, and scalability are some of its benefits.
  • Most projects find it convenient to work upon.

4. Open Source framework 

  • Open-source PHP Laravel is a framework created specifically for web developers.
  • Because it is free, it is easily employed on a big basis.
  • A large community is supporting the framework, which is progressively growing more sophisticated and adaptable.

5. In-built Libraries

  • The framework comes with a ton of incredible built-in object-oriented libraries.
  • This increases its tremendous popularity within the IT sector.

Importance of Laravel for Small and Medium Enterprises

As discussed in the above section, the top 5 preferred features that many IT hubs are going ga-ga over PHP Laravel framework, there are other additional things that help many startups and small-medium scale enterprises the best way. 

Let’s have a quick glance over those-

1. Top-notch security

  • The main reason for selecting the Laravel framework is top-notch high-level security.
  • Tools like CSRF tokens monitor the project's security by vetting each and every request in order to shield it from any security threats.
  • With any of the frameworks, there is always a danger of an online security risk, but Laravel provides the best among all of them.

2. Seamless Programming

  • It offers Laracasts, which are tutorials that teach developers Laravel from scratch.
  • It aids programmers in resolving challenging coding problems related to Laravel development.
  • This platform's in-depth research and practical information are framed by expert professionals.
  • Larcasts' goal is to simplify this framework as much as possible.

3. Ample of features

  • PHP development frameworks are without a doubt the most popular web development framework used today in the IT sector.
  • The PHP Laravel framework tops the list.
  • Features like simple to write, view composers, and flexibility to construct any type of application, from tiny to huge enterprise apps, is what it all comes down to.
  • Laravel assists SMEs in the greatest way by enabling the development of high-quality web apps while consuming less time and resources.


4. Easy to learn and get started with first project

  • Majority of the developers are drawn to work on this framework because it is relatively simple to understand and is quick to get started.
  • The finest feature is that a developer may simply create a simple website quickly even if they are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of PHP.

5. Modular Applications

  • The framework has been developed over 20 different libraries. 
  • It has been divided into numerous separate modules.
  • The framework has included the most recent PHP ideas, enabling developers to create modular, responsive, and user-friendly apps quickly.

Summing up everything, it can be considered that Laravel not only gives developers flexibility, but also ends up with more productive time. Because of MVC architecture, it is less complex and does not require complicated codes for development. Isn't that wonderful? The majority of IT giants, along with small and medium-sized businesses choose the best Laravel Development Company since they are well-versed in the field and can assist in creating safe, effective websites and web applications. 

Final Words

So finally, we all have seen all the possible and most lucrative reasons to choose PHP Laravel framework over others. The best part about the Laravel framework is it is the most competent PHP framework that not just supports ample of parameters but also has a large community behind it that makes the development process a lot easier just like cherry on the top of the cake. 

So when are you hiring PHP Laravel developers to make your first seamless web application and leverage the advantages of the framework? 


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