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German Shepherd Secrets Training Health Care and more

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dog secrets course

In this course, we will see everything there is to know about the training, nutrition, and care of this beautiful animal.

German Shepherds are a fabulous breed that definitely deserves their enormous popularity.

They are devoted, obedient, and kind.

They are great with children, other dogs, and household pets.

The German Shepherds is capable of being a calm house dog, and a playful backyard dog and an intense watchdog.

They have a strong constitution and are very active, loyal, caring, and hardworking.

German Shepherds are one of the most easily recognized breeds in the world.

They are muscular and alert dogs, with a noble and distant attitude, agile and well balanced.

In the front and rear rooms, they are proudly worn and built.

His coat is impressive, with a thick and hard outer layer and straight hair with an inner layer too.

German Shepherds are so famous for their intelligence and are employed as rescue dogs, police helpers , and guides for the disabled.

Now one of the most popular breeds.

German shepherds work not only as police dogs but also as family addition obedient due to his happy nature and his desire to please.

German shepherds Secrets Course Description

In this course, we will show you how to train your German Shepherd Dog, his health care, diseases, feeding, and the training he should have so you can understand him better and improve your relationship with him.

For this, you will have 14 classes (almost 2 hours of course), where we will see everything we should know before having a dog or German Shepherd Dogs.

Step by step and in a progressive way you will learn to understand better your German Shepherd Dog (puppy and adult) and you will know everything you need to take care of it and risk it better so you will understand more its emotions and how to relate to it.

You don't need to have any previous knowledge or be a professional in the animal world, the course is designed to start from scratch, and whatever your level you can get the most out of it.

Let's look at the term of the course.

German Shepherd Course classes

  • Class 1. Introduction
  • Class 2. German Shepherd as a Pet: Activity and Recommendations
  • Class 3. Relationship with family and children
  • Class 4. Expenses to be taken into account
  • Class 5. Taking care of your home before the arrival of a German Shepherd
  • Class 6. First aid and emergency kit
  • Class 7. Understanding German Shepherd Puppies
  • Class 8. How to feed your puppy, an adult dog and the importance of water
  • Class 9. Visit the vet / We name some diseases
  • Class 10. Undesired behavior: Barking
  • Class 11. Basic training of your German Shepherd
  • Class 12. Training your German Shepherd: Teach him to come
  • Class 13. Training your German Shepherd: Teach him to recover
  • Class 14. Training your German Shepherd: Teach him to swim

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