Hyper segmentation And How To Maximize Your Website Traffic

How To Maximize Your Website Traffic

In as crowded a marketplace as the internet, getting the competitive edge can require major creativity and major investment. It’s no surprise that one form of currency that exists now in the modern age is clicks: it’s what every business looks for when they are involved in online work. But using those clicks and turning them into the dominant form of currency is a subtle and sometimes confusing art. 

Hyper segmentation is a great way to address the vagueness of the value of a click. Getting traffic to your site is only part of the job done. If you look at how the user profiles of the traffic you earn stack up you would see an incredibly varied and diverse group of users, all looking for something slightly different. Basic segmentation involves trying to group these people by their needs. Hyper segmentation is the commitment to the idea that tailoring the UX of your business’ website as closely to each individual user is actually the key to getting an excellent return on website traffic. Investing in hyper segmentation could solve your issue if you get a lot of traffic, paid or not, but don’t feel the impact at the back-end.

So, here are some tips on how and why to use this method.

Greet Your Visitors

As soon as someone clicks on your page you want to be able to involve yourself in your visitor’s relationship with your page. Don’t let it be a passive thin. The greeting can be as simple as a literal greeting: a ‘Hello’ upon entry. But it could be an opportunity for something more in depth than that. Offer your visitors a form to fill in… get that valuable data on their intent, desires, their background, whatever it is, to inform your segmentation. By doing this you capitalize on the opening moments of your relationship with your potential customer, and intake extremely useful data which can be used to tailor their page experience. It has the added benefit of making your visitor feel valued, which is increasing the likelihood of a real return at the back end of your relationship.

Introduce Segmentation To Your Emailing

Email marketing is a great way to ensure that their interest in you doesn’t die when they exit your webpage. If you greet your visitor as suggested above, you should try and get an email address off them as well. You can then implement segmentation techniques in your email marketing, not just on the page itself. Once you have established the sort of visitor he or she is, you can take this, and all the other data you collect, to craft a remarkably tailored and personalized email. The time between the initial visitation and the email will also give you an opportunity to truly ‘wow’ your visitor with how intimately you understand them as a potential consumer. Target content and/or products that you think will appeal to the visitor’s segment and be rewarded for your extra effort in the long run.

Combine With Machine Learning

Machine learning is now an ultra-powerful tool when trying to size up your potential clients… [it] can be used to learn insights about your customers that they didn’t even know about themselves. Machine learning can point out trends in your visitor’s behavior, when browsing your page for example, that you can then use. The raw data, however, requires a bit of a human touch to be utilized correctly. Don’t base your next move purely on the data info. Look deeper and correlate what you discovered about their intent through the greeting questionnaire with the new machine-learned information.

Personally Contact Your Visitors

This is hyper-hyper segmentation. It’s also potentially time consuming and, consequently, expensive. However, with a full commitment to individual attention you are drastically increasing the likelihood that you garner real results from visitors. If a visitor took the time to fill out a questionnaire, you could take it upon yourself to get in touch with the visitor directly. You can do this one of two ways. Either you can employ a chatbot, or, alternatively, a customer service rep to immediately appear at the corner of the screen after their initial survey. They can address them by name and specifically reference some of the interests that they professed to having in the survey. Alternatively, you let the visitor browse freely and contact later with a highly personalized email. A customer who feels this valued is instantly much more likely to want into your business.


So, hyper segmentation may not be all that convenient, or inexpensive. However, it is an incredibly effective tool, made all the more effective by finding itself in the sprawling swamp of the internet. People rarely find a way to connect personally with internet users, but if you can build that sort of relationship, you could potentially have a customer for life.


George J. Newton works as a Marketing Writer and Editor at Dissertation writing services, striving to help companies create effective marketing strategies. His talent for identifying unique and compelling business tools makes him an invaluable resource.

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