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Open Projects: IT Tools

Open Projects: IT Tools

If delivering quality software on time and on budget is the goal, then a great team is a must. A good team simply will not do. A great team required great tools. And great tools cannot run in the ether. Therefore, lets start at the beginning: IT.The first software project that I started had a “shoe string” budget.

I applied all the money to hardware and ran the project on 100% Open Source software.

This project thought me a very costly lesson: the installation, configuration, and management of IT systems will consume valuable time from the project time line and quality software will not be delivered on time or on budget.

The minimal IT infrastructure that is required to efficiently lead and manage an Open Project is a Wiki, Project Management System, Bug Tracking System, Test Management System, and a Source Control System.

My go-to applications for this minimal infrastructure are:

  1. Trac – Wiki & Project Management System
  2. Bugzilla – Bug Tracking system
  3. Testopia – Test Management system
  4. SVN – Source Control System

In conclusion, the bedrock of a successful Open Project is an IT Infrastructure that “just works” and does not consume project resources. The most cost effective way this can be realized by employing a hosting service like SVNRepository, which provides Trac, SVN, Bugzilla, Testopia, and SVN hosting services.


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