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Scholarships in Turkey

scholarships in Turkey

The Government of Turkey offers a number of scholarships to students interested in studying in Turkey. The scholarship program is called the Türkiye Scholarships, and it is considered to be the largest Turkish scholarship program for international students. It is funded by the Turkish government and awards approximately 5,000 scholarships every year.

Koc University Scholarship

Koc University is a private, non-profit, research and educational institution in Istanbul, Turkey. It is ranked number one in Turkey and is a member of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The university is committed to providing high quality education to students from all over the world. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. The programs offered at the university are based on academic merit.

The university also has a number of scholarship opportunities. The scholarship program is fully funded, covering tuition, travel assistance and housing. There is no application fee for the scholarship.

The scholarship is available for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral studies. The scholarship is subject to the academic regulations of Koc University. For international applicants, a GPA of at least 3.5 is required. The application form must be uploaded in PDF file format. The maximum size of the file is 60 MB.

The university offers a full range of engineering and science programs. The programs are offered in four schools. The fields include electrical engineering, industrial engineering, chemical and biological engineering, and computer science.

As of the 2018 rankings, Koc University is ranked 31 in Asia. The university has an enrollment of 800-999 students. The campus is located in a suburban setting in the metropolis of Istanbul.

The scholarship is also available to international students. Students who are not Turkish can apply as long as they have studied at a foreign school in Turkey or have taken/will take the GCE AL exam. The tuition waiver is equal to 96,500 Turkish Lira per year.

ISDB Scholarship

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarship Programme offers scholarships for students from all parts of the world. It is designed to produce talented people and to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Applicants must have a Master's or PhD degree in their field. The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, and all other costs. The funds are then repaid to the IsDB after the student graduates.

The IsDB Scholarship Programme is administered by the International Selection Committee, which is independent from the IsDB. All applicants must be medically fit, and they must submit documents that prove their language proficiency. There are also requirements for work experience, and a research proposal.

There are two IsDB Scholarship Programmes, the undergraduate and graduate level. The first one is available to all nationalities, while the second one is open to Muslim communities of non-member countries. Both programs are offered jointly by the IsDB and Turkey.

The IsDB Scholarship Programme is designed to develop a student's knowledge in the science of sustainability. This will help prepare the student for a future leadership role. The program includes mentoring and extra-curricular activities. The IsDB expects the student to play a leading role in the community's development.

To apply for an IsDB Scholarship, applicants must create an account and upload their documents. They must also provide certified translations of all documents. The application process is entirely online.

Students who are selected for an IsDB Scholarship may choose to cover their master's tuition fees for the first year of their studies. After graduation, they must pay back 50% of the financial funding. They must also maintain good personal and professional conduct.

Yasar University Scholarships

Yasar University is a well-established and reputable university in Izmir. It offers several scholarships for overseas students who want to pursue their higher education in Turkey.

This university provides its students with an opportunity to study abroad and acquire knowledge in the field of economics. The university is affiliated with leading commercial organizations, and it maintains links with many European universities. The campus is also home to a sports center, a climbing wall, and a music room.

Aside from its academic programs, the university is also involved in student exchange programs, and internship programs are also in place. As part of its social development efforts, it has student clubs that conduct educational activities and contribute to the personal development of students.

The tuition fees at Yasar University are paid in two installments. They include an assigned academic advisor, a graduate bench fee, membership to the university library, and support classes in Turkish. In addition, the university provides health insurance coverage to foreign nationals.

For admission, applicants should have a strong GPA and a GMAT. In addition, they should submit a copy of their passport and transcripts from previous studies. If you are applying from a partner university, you are eligible for a 10% discount.

The tuition fees are reviewed annually in accordance with the fluctuations in currency. If you are applying for a scholarship, you will receive a stipend of 1,000 to 1,800 Turkish lira per month.

Bilkent University Scholarships

Bilkent University offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships to talented international students. These scholarships and fellowships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students and are fully funded. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend, full tuition waivers, and housing support.

The Bilkent University Scholarship is designed to encourage applicants to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Candidates are required to submit an application, which must include a copy of their passport. The application should also contain a statement that explains why they would like to study at Bilkent University. Applicants must have excellent academic records and a CGPA of at least 2.8. If they meet the requirements, they will be interviewed and will be offered a scholarship.

The University offers a wide variety of academic programs including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies. The university also boasts a number of internationally acclaimed faculty members. The university is ranked among the top three universities in Turkey. The university is located in the capital city of Ankara. The school is committed to research and development.

The Bilkent University is also a leader in open access publications. It leads the world in the percentage of open access papers. The university also offers a wide range of courses in more than 40 languages.

In addition to the university's scholarship program, it also provides internships for international students. The university is committed to diversity and aims to nurture the country's future leaders.

Faculty of Engineering Scholarships offered by Ted University

The Faculty of Engineering Scholarships offered by Ted University are awarded to deserving students who have demonstrated financial need. Depending on the availability of funds, these scholarships can be used for 25% to 100% of tuition costs. The Faculty of Engineering Scholarships can also be combined with other scholarships to meet the total amount of funding necessary for a student to enroll in Ted University.

Bogazici University Scholarships

The Bogazici University is an institution whose mission is to educate people who are innovative, fair-minded, and scientifically curious. As such, the university awards a number of scholarships to students from all over the globe. Some of these are the aforementioned.

There are also a slew of other scholarship programs that are aimed at providing monetary support to students in need. The university has a longstanding history of support from international organizations. These include the Ahbap Platform, the Turkish Council of Higher Education, the BTF, and the TUBITAK.

As such, the university has created a list of the most popular scholarships that it offers to its students. The award-winning Ahbap Platform is a program that provides help to those in need as well as offering scholarship opportunities to students from around the world. The BTF is a tax-benefitting investment corporation that supports hundreds of projects in Turkey. The TUBITAK, on the other hand, is an academic scholarship that covers four years of Ph.D. degrees.

In fact, the university boasts more than 32 research laboratories. The school uses internal and external resources to ensure that its students receive the best possible education. The university also boasts a number of internships for international students. The TUTT (Turkish University of Technology and Technology) is one of the leading institutions in Turkey when it comes to research.

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