Self-Editing Techniques: 6 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Improve Your Writing

The editing skill gives many advantages to students, marketers, and writers. It will because editing is an independent process, not a tedious stage, which you should skip as soon as possible.

Here we will consider why editing your texts is essential to get the result. Below, you will find six editing techniques to improve your copies. To start, take your seat comfortably and dive into that world with us!

Educate yourself

Studying any language and improvement of lingo skills is an unstoppable process. Thus, an attentive, careful attitude to the words is the key to literate speech and writing.

This rule works whether it is your mother tongue or some foreign language.

Use dictionaries

It is not just a question of getting the highest marks on some exams but self-education and personal growth. Thus, do not hesitate to broad-up your knowledge.

When you have some hesitations about some specific word, check it with a vocabulary out of your shelf. If you are not sure about punctuation or tenses, reread the grammar. In our modern world, you may find any volume on the Internet.

Find qualified help

Alternatively, you can find a tutor or ask Trust My Paper writers to show you how to improve your copies. When you want to add an idiom, make sure you know its precise meaning and how you should use it in a sentence.

For example, you can do that like a piece of cake by just writing a few words on Google. Thus, even when your school days are in the past, do not stop learning. Find typical language errors in your articles and remove them.

Break sentences into pieces

Just imagine when you read a text that seems correct in meaning and all the rules. However, you do not see why you had to read it a few times to understand the sense. You kept looking at the canvas text and returned at its beginning. That irritates, right? The reasons for that are twofold:

You got a too complicated topic to describe.

Try to find another approach to explain to your reader except operating the profile words only. If that is a text on higher mathematics for newcomers, consider adding more examples or small talks to attract attention to the topic. Thus, your task is to find your mistake in the information exposition. You may find and implement different approaches from the best masters in your writing.

Your sentences are too long.

The cumbersome sentences require much attentiveness from your audience. It is not ok when there are an adverbial modifier, gerund, and many additional attributes in one sentence. Here, you have to tear such long constructions apart. The optimal length is less than 30 words in a sentence.

Describe abstract adjectives in other words

That is a common issue. When writing a copy, you might have a huge desire to write some words like “profitable, reliable, accessible, convenient.” They mean much to people and are good qualities. However, they do not reveal any specific information at a closer look.

These phrases are empty, devoid of detail and specificity. Thus, reviewing the text, you should edit the abstract adjectives and replace them with specific information.


Take a look:

  • We offer fast delivery.
  • He is an experienced translator.
  • The car is very convenient.

What would it look like if you wrote the following:

  • Our delivery comes in less than 1 hour.
  • He has been working as a translator for live conferences for 15 years.
  • The car is spacious for seven passengers to sit comfortably.

See, you added more information and more space to your imagination. Such a text is more convincing.

Do not follow this rule literally.

That technique shares many details, but it is not always needed. For example, if you write copy for a landing page, you should use phrases to draw the attention of potential clients. Thus, use the rule wisely and check the requirements of what your final paper should be.

Delete unnecessary words

That refers to amplifier words, complex inversions, full or compound predicates, etc. Amplifier words add emotions but are devoid of any meaning. These are “really, absolute, strongly, anyone,” and others. Sometimes they are necessary, but the main thing is not to overdo them.

Also, there is no need to clutter the text with introductory words like “most likely, whatever it is, probably, certainly, know,” etc. The main criteria here should be your judgment on how relevant they are. If you notice that these words and phrases carry no sense but are in your text to increase the number of words, remove them. Your writing will win with it only. Check the sentence:

The equipment can work completely in the automatic mode according to the set program and without the participation of any person.

It transformed into:

The equipment works in automatic mode. Much better, right?

As a side-effect, you get more room to add other essential information.

Step by step

When you write a paper, especially some creative works, you should follow some rules. In case you ignore them, you will get in trouble.

How to write creative samples

First, you should create characters with their main peculiarities and a shortened plot. Second, you write down the ideas on the events from A to Z. Do not hesitate to include all the details. When you are satisfied with a story, come to the editing.

Under no circumstances should you do it before you have an entire tale in your head. Otherwise, you will be going back and forth, improving the paragraph. That does not help to complete the paper faster. It will not save any time for you.

How to deal with commercial writing

The same refers to copies for a website or a blog post. Working with those, a writer will have some additional parameters like anchors and metadata to add and check. Make sure you know what you write, and add everything to the doc.

Then begin taking it to perfection. You may use some services to assist you by indicating your mistakes, like Grammarly.

You will use different plagiarism checkers to see the uniqueness of your text. Finally, you can ask for any help regarding writing at Best Essays Education, they provide excellent writing services.

Keep your perception spotless.

When working on a paper, a writer has a lot of things to maintain. He has to generate ideas or research information. Then, he follows the logic and sequence of the story. Besides, the writer must check and fulfill the requirements. And finally, reread each sentence for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and stylistic errors slowly and carefully. That requires much hardworking and patience. To simplify the process of editing, do the following:

  • Have some breaks to retrieve from brainstorming. Come back to the text with a full charge. You may even postpone the final editing for some time.
  • Ask your friend to read out loud what you have just written. Thus, you may hear some inaccuracies or mistaken conclusions. Besides, you will listen to the length of sentences if they are convenient for other people to read and understand.
  • After some time for having rest, you will see if you managed to follow all the task requirements.

Please, do not underestimate the last recommendation as it is not the least one. As well as taking care of yourself is a vital task for every person. Make sure you sleep well, your working place matches your needs, and you think clearly.

Use our tips to make your papers of the highest quality. Improve your pieces by editing along with working on your skills and knowledge. Have good luck in your writing endeavors!


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