The Best Crypto Games for Enthusiasts

The Best Crypto Games for Enthusiasts

One of the many attributes of cryptocurrency is how effortlessly it fits into the world of online gaming. Games have been converting fiat currency into in-game currency since they were first released. So, the ability to use a currency that can be the same both in the game and in the real world is an exciting one for the gaming industry. Blockchain technology is a bonus that allows some games of a play-to-learn format to run seamlessly for their users. If you're already interested in crypto and are looking for a new avenue to take your investment down, then it might be a good idea to look at some of the crypto games that are out there. Not only could you potentially make money, but you could also enjoy yourself in the process.

Crypto Casinos

Whilst most crypto games are play-to-earning blockchain-based models, there's one style of crypto game that's a little different. Crypto casino games are a good way to dip your toe into the water of crypto gaming, to get a feel for how things work. These casino games allow you to wager cryptocurrencies on traditional casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and even slots. Along the way you can make use of promotions such as being able to get Ethereum casino bonus, have your initial deposit matched by the provider, or snag a handful of free spins to get you started. This makes crypto casinos a relatively affordable way to experience how seamlessly crypto lends itself to online gaming, without having to spend a large start-up fee to get going with a new crypto game.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has been making headlines ever since late 2021 when a single piece of land on the game sold for the equivalent of $2.3 million. Whilst you're unlikely to be making this kind of money on the game anymore, it's still a crypto game with a robust economy, which is an important quality to look for if you're hoping to earn money whilst gaming. To make money, players can breed and sell Axies, renting and selling land, as well as harvesting in-game items like love potions. Axie Infinity works in a very similar way to the popular game CryptoKitties, which many claim is the first true example of a crypto-game. Of course, Axie Infinity had the benefit of watching the hurdles that CryptoKitties overcame and adjusting its own plan accordingly.

To get started with the game you'll need to get your hands on three Axies, you can buy these directly from the marketplace, or you can buy eggs and see what hatches out. With your Axies, you can make them earn money for you by winning fights or breeding new Axies to sell. It's a simple model but with cute creatures, a slick user interface, and a proven economy. Although there's a considerable start-up fee to get your hands on some Axies, at the time of writing around $1000 in cryptocurrency, you are very likely to see a return on your investment. There is talk about the future of a free-to-learn model being rolled out, but earning potential will be limited and there's yet to be a firm plan for how this model will look.

My Neighbor Alice

Our final pick is My Neighbor Alice. This game is a good choice for those who want a lower barrier to entry as to start you just need to buy a plot of land for the minimum price of 247 ALICE. The game works on the ALICE currency and the 247 ALICE start price is roughly equal to $260 at the time of writing. Once you've got your plot of land, you're free to use it however you'd like. You can keep bees, sow seeds to harvest later, fish in the river, or socialize with other players. If you want to earn money playing this game, then you'll need to help your neighbor called Alice. If you regularly help her with her daily chores then you'll earn ALICE tokens to spend on upgrading your own farm, or to convert into fiat currency. 

Other ways to earn money include accumulating and trading pieces of land, with plots near ponds, rare plants, and houses being worth considerably more money. With your land you can also allow people to visit for a fee or rent land from you to farm themselves. At its core, this is a back to basics farming game, with the potential for players to grow a portfolio of land. If you've ever been interested in homesteading, then you'll like the relaxed gameplay. It's true that this game was probably designed for the homesteaders, but it's also attracted those who've had dreams of owning a real estate portfolio, thanks to the renting and buying nature of land acquisition.

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