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What Does It Take to Become a Respected Tattooist?


Looking for a creative job that gives you opportunities to experiment and express yourself often leads people to consider the possibility of becoming a tattoo artist. To stand out in this industry, artists need to be more than simply talented or technically able. There are qualities a truly amazing tattoo artist possesses that go beyond artistic merit. Here you'll find out what it takes to be a respected and sought-after tattoo artist.

Be Curious About the World of Tattoos

Entering the field as a professional tattoo artist purely for the money means you'd be missing out on the unusual and fascinating history of the art form. The best artists are curious about what came before and how their own work is either consciously or unconsciously influenced by tattoos from the past.

Becoming a respected tattooist requires not only exceptional artistic talent and technical skill but also a deep commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Additionally, staying up-to-date with the latest tattoo supplies and equipment advancements is crucial to ensure both client satisfaction and the artist's professional reputation.

Forget Your Ego

It is extremely common within many artistic fields for professionals to possess a powerful ego. Being proud of your good work is one matter, but wielding an arrogance that prevents you from learning is another. Egos often get in the way of developing past a certain point, so monitoring and managing your ego will keep you improving when others start to stagnate.

Work on Your People Skills

Practicing patience with nervous clients is something even famous tattoo artists can struggle with. It takes confidence in your people skills to keep your clients comfortable and calm during the process of their tattoo sitting. Start by paying more attention to body language and subtle signs of different emotions. You can teach yourself to be more sensitive to other people's feelings over time, and this is a skill every good tattoo artist has.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

People who are unable to confront their own flaws rarely break free of them. If you want to get better as an artist, you need to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. This includes everything from knowing which tattoo supplies are best for how you work to which specific styles of tattoo you find most challenging. Tackling your insecurities as a tattoo artist head-on gives you the chance to fix them. Ignoring your weaknesses only lets them worsen.

Try Unfamiliar Styles

The variety of tattoo styles out there can seem overwhelming if you set out to master them all. Instead of approaching this huge task all at once, choose one unfamiliar style to get better at. By taking your time and growing comfortable with the processes behind different styles, you will eventually acquire more diverse skills that can be applied to a broader range. The best tattoo artists may have their own preferred styles, but they are also confident with at least two or three others as well.

Network with Artists from Elsewhere

Making connections in the tattoo world is a huge part of making a name for yourself. Attend conventions, interact with other artists online, and make friends. The more people you get to know, the more opportunities you will have to create an impressive reputation and become a respected tattoo artist within the industry.

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