10 Vital Facebook Video Marketing Stats For You To Hear

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Over the past five years, Facebook marketing and social media marketing in general have seen tremendous growth. It has become, for some businesses, the first stop for all marketing efforts, and it has helped many businesses succeed who would have otherwise struggled mightily with marketing. One of the most important steps to successful Facebook marketing is the use of video advertisements. To keep yours on track, you need to understand the data. So, with that said, let’s take a look at 10 stats that you need to know.

  1. Videos Will Get You Shared The Most

Sharing is one of many externality benefits to social media marketing. If your content is good then you often find that people do your marketing for you, by sharing the marketing material on their own pages. To this end it’s important to note that in terms of your media choices, Facebook videos get shared an average of 89.5 times and outclass photos and text posts in that number.

  1. There Are Big Viewing Numbers

Statistically speaking, roughly half a billion people watch video content on Facebook a day. “The video viewership factor on Facebook makes it absolutely ripe territory for you to explore video marketing options. It’s too good an opportunity not to be grasped with both hands”, writes Stacey Elwin, video marketer at Elite assignment help and Revieweal. These numbers alone speak to how potentially successful Facebook video marketing could be.

  1. In It For The Deals

A whopping 39% of Facebook users follow corporate or business pages for the reason that they want to receive special offers and deals. Facebook marketing has this bred in level of excitement for users about the potential for finding marketing that is really genuinely useful to them as customers, making it a great place for you to invest your marketing budget.

  1. Mobile-Optimized Content Is Key

Living in the era of the smartphone is a factor which cannot be emphasized too much. All marketing content, even simple web-based adverts, must be created with a consideration for how many people operate almost entirely through their smartphones. On Facebook, mobile-optimized Facebook videos elevate the general user base’s brand knowledge to 67%. Recycling content from other platforms will be less successful.

  1. Video Is Number One

In the wake of the rise of social media-based advertising content really blossoming, it has been revealed that 30% of mobile using online shoppers say that video content is the best way for them to discover new products, with the bulk of this feedback coming from millennials, who are a driving force in online shopping.

  1. Attention Spans Are Tiny

“With things like delivery services that come in a few hours, streaming content that is available anywhere within seconds and communication tools which are completely real-time, it’s no surprise that attention spans are plummeting”, writes Jordan Hansel, Facebook specialist at Best British Essays and UK essay services reviews. That being said, the extent to the plummet is extreme. Your video content must capture average viewers within the first three seconds.

  1. Ad Length Linked To Intentionality

Amazingly enough, if a viewer is being intentional about viewing a certain video, the amount of time they are willing to sit through advertisements multiplies by a factor of five. If you put out interesting content, your advertisements can be more invasive.

  1. Early Days For Facebook Stories

Facebook stories takes the tried and tested disappearing content meta that has found such success on Snapchat and Instagram. Currently 150 million people use it, which is a small percentage of total users. Its likely to grow though so keep an eye out.

  1. Lie Videos On The Way Up

Another relatively new addition to the arsenal saw its viewing stats quadruple in a single year.

  1. TV Advertising On The Way Out

It costs marketers an average of 20 times as much to make a TV add for only twice the viewers as an equivalent Facebook ad.


Hopefully these stats show you how important video advertising on Facebook as and will be as time passes and these fields continue to grow. Failing to invest in this kind of social media marketing is a potentially fatal mistake for your business.

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