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Celebrities who hopped on the NFT bandwagon

NFT bandwagon

Isn't it interesting that no one second-guesses the concept of buying and selling digital art using cryptocurrencies? People worldwide gain ownership of digital art via non-fungible tokens, and their popularity is growing faster than the speed of light. 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world by introducing cryptocurrencies and projects that have been capturing people's attention worldwide. NFTs are one of digital assets based on blockchain technology that have been making waves recently. NFTs, often described as digital art, are considered a trend and luxury and have attracted investors from all sectors. 95% of non-fungible token projects are based on the Ethereum network, which triggered a boost in Ethereum price as people bought Ether so they could complete transactions. 

Because the projects have proven to be more than buzzwords, they inspired celebrities to join the trend and put funds into developing new solutions or collecting unique items. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg couldn't miss the opportunity to join the NFT craze, so he released his own collection called “A Journey with the Dogg,” which provides information about his experiences and offers glimpses of his best memories. The items in his collection were sold for huge amounts of money. For example, the NFT called Death Row was bought for $100,000 in the first auction. 

The collection “A Journey with the Dogg” included eight pieces. The limited quantity of NFTs on sale made the line one of the scarcest on the market and, therefore, one of the most expensive. Through pieces like Deez Nuts, Diamond Joint, Snoop Doge Coins and Death Row, he offered the public an insight into his life. 

When asked why he decided to join the crypto movement, he said that throughout his career, he witnessed how technology brought improvement into all sectors and has always been eager to explore the ways in which it can impact lives. He also joined the Metaverse by creating an interactive world called Snoopverse, and a fan paid $450,000 to buy a virtual lot of land next to him. 

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the original influencer. Way before social media platforms gained popularity, Paris Hilton brought trends to people through TV shows and magazines. She was dedicated to the Y2K style, convinced people to adopt it, and propelled selfies as the new form of autograph. So, no one was surprised when she entered the crypto space during its early days because she is a trendsetter, and it was just a natural step for her to use blockchain technology to engage with the public. 

She developed the first three NFTs in collaboration with a designer called Blake Kathryn. They were named Iconic Crypto Queen, Legend of Love, and Hummingbird in My Metaverse. It took her less than a year to sell all items for over a million dollars. Paris Hilton is so obsessed with crypto that she named her two dogs Ether Reum and Crypto Hilton. 

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is one of the many artists who joined the NFT craze by launching a non-fungible token based on an album. He based his NFT on the album Wonder and launched it on the OpenSea marketplace. He also sold unique wearables like earrings, a vest, a virtual guitar, and necklaces for over $600,000. It looks like Shawn Mendes' NFT collection and virtual wearables brought him over $1 million in the first 10 minutes of sales. He donated the earnings to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants, which supports young activists with innovative ideas. 

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is an idol for the young generation, and it was only logical to dive into the crypto world to remain relevant and empathize with his fans. He purchased two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, numbers #3001, which is worth $1.29 million, and #3850, which is $470,000. Bieber is a huge fan of the crypto space and has invested huge amounts of money. He shares his latest purchases on social media platforms and engages with other crypto passionates to exchange their experiences. 

Steve Aoki

Everyone knows Steve Aoki for his unique personality and love for technology. His embracing the non-fungible trend surprised no one because he always believed that blockchain technology was here to stay. The famous DJ collaborated with the 3D visual artist and creative director Antonio Tudisco to develop Dream Catcher, a digital artwork with numerous copies valued at over $4.29 million. He also partnered with Tom Bileus, a motivational speaker, to create the Neon Future NFT collection, which is a sci-fi comic. 

When asked why he chose to join the crypto world, Steve Aoki stated that he had always been captivated by innovation and an enthusiastic collector, so he had no second thoughts when the opportunity to create digital art arose. He thinks NFT creation allows him to merge collectible culture with music and art. 

Don Diablo

Don Diablo, in collaboration with K11, created the world's first outdoor roving NFT sculpture. The Dutch DJ is famous for promoting the futuristic trend, and through his sculpture, he brings together two worlds. When stepping inside the sculpture, people can see videos of Don Diablo's metahuman avatar, which will evolve in time as the artist uploads new upgrades. This artwork invites the public to think about finding a bridge between the Metaverse and the physical world. Don Diablo has always promoted NFTs and digital art because he believes they are the ideal tools to dissolve the boundaries between technology, music, fashion, and art. 

Don Diablo has developed HΞXAVΞRSE, which is the third collaboration between the DJ and Sotheby's, which is a reflection of how art can be accessible to the wide public. He took advantage of the unlimited opportunities the Metaverse offers and intends to take the sculpture on tour around the world in 2023. 

Final words

Everyone seems to know what the term NFT stands for these days, and it's no wonder that numerous celebrities and artists have hopped on the bandwagon to express their unique vision on the subject. 

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