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Is Zed Run Worth Your Attention?

zed run nft game

Being one of the oldest sports in the world, horse racing is always tied with tradition and history. However, this doesn’t mean that the sport cannot advance and adapt to modern times.

There is a common misconception about horse racing being a traditional sport that doesn’t move with time. But in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Horse races have already introduced new technologies including VR, AR, and motion tracking. On top of that, we have new branches of horse racing that are just starting to become popular.

We are talking about digital horse racing and not the physical one which you can find on TwinSpires and other platforms.

Through groundbreaking technologies like the Blockchain, we’ve seen many new platforms that are trying to digitalize the sport. Some of them like Zed Run managed to do it successfully. 

So, in today’s article, we will learn more about Zed Run and find out whether or not it should be on your radar.

What's the Buzz About Zed Run?

Alright, let's start with the basics. Zed Run is not your ordinary horse racing scene. It's a virtual horse racing platform that takes the thrills of traditional racing and combines them with cutting-edge blockchain technology. 

The result? A fascinating blend of real and digital horse racing adventures. Each racehorse in Zed Run is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain, making it a one-of-a-kind digital asset with unique attributes and racing potential.

Owning Your Very Own Digital Racehorse

Now, here's where it gets really exciting. Even though owning a racehorse in the real world might be too costly, that doesn’t mean that you cannot be a racehorse owner.

In the realm of Zed Run, you can become the proud owner of a digital racehorse. Yep, you heard that right! You can have your very own virtual steed. 

The process involves purchasing a horse through auctions or sales using cryptocurrency. Once you've got your horse, you can train it, breed it, and watch it compete in exhilarating races against other players from all corners of the globe.

The Heart-Pounding Action of Virtual Racing

It is definitely not the same when you watch a horse race that you’ve put money on and when you watch a race that you’ve put money on and your horse participates in the race.

Imagine watching your horse race down the finish line and compete with others. Even though it might look like a simulation, the adrenaline is definitely real.

Zed Run uses advanced algorithms to create realistic race simulations, taking into account your horse's unique attributes and racing history. It's a heart-pounding experience that'll leave you just as thrilled as watching real-life horse races.

Earning in Zed Run

Zed Run gives you an opportunity to earn money as well! Yes, owning a racehorse comes with its perks, and accumulating some profits is one of them.

You can make money (earn cryptocurrencies) in a few different methods, such as:

Racing Your Horse (Winning races and tournaments will give you a share of the prize purse)

Trading Horses (The horse you breed and own can be traded with other players on secondary marketplaces for money)

Breeding (If you have a stud, you can earn money from breeding fees or breeding your own horses and selling them)

All the revenue streams are quite similar to real-world horse racing.

Breeding Mechanism

But it is not only about racing. Zed Run also has a unique breeding mechanism where horses come with different abilities and unique styles. 

Breeding plays a significant role in enhancing the stability of horses. By carefully selecting suitable mates based on their genetic attributes, you can aim to produce foals with exceptional racing potential. 

This means that you can breed the next digital Secretariat and dominate the racing world!

The Investing Side of Zed Run

Last but not least, we have investing, which for some people is a pretty big deal. Zed Run is perfect for people that like gaming and investing. In other words, you can have fun on the racetracks and earn money in the process.

And who can say no to that?

Since you are a racehorse owner and build a reputation with your digital horse NFT, it becomes more valuable and unlocks a couple of revenue streams.

The rarity and performance of your horses can translate into genuine value, turning your gaming passion into an investment opportunity.

The more races you win, the more ways to make money you’ll unlock.

Final Words

Zed Run is an ultimate platform that is almost identical to real-world horse racing, only it operates on the blockchain.  

It is plenty of fun and gives the average person the opportunity to become a racehorse owner and earn money in the process.

So, if you like horse racing, you should definitely try it out.

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