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Open Source Web Stacks

Open Source Web Stacks

When I first installed Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin manually on a Windows machine, the whole process took hours! After learning that these applications can be installed by a single installer or package, I searched to the last page of the Internet for this time-saving program. In Open Source fashion, there is not one, but several such programs:

  1. EasyPHP
  2. WampServer
  3. MAMP
  4. XAMP

These technology stacks are NOT all created equal! They all have Apache, PHP, and MySQL, but the versions vary. Moreover, each stack also have additional programs like phpMyAdmin and Filezilla. Therefore, when evaluating what stack to exploit, determine if the programs and versions satisfy your requirements.

After researching, installing, and evaluating several stacks, my go to “*AMP” solution is XAMPP because:

  1. Windows Support
  2. Linux Support
  3. Mac OS X
  4. Easy install
  5. Clean un-install
  6. Easy to use Web UI

Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin on an Windows machine via XAMPP took less than 5 minutes!

Author: Sage of Code

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