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Retropie roms full collection of games – The First Collection

Retropie Roms Full Collection Of Games - The First Collection

Continue to post Retropie roms full collection of games here is the first collection:


Amiga, apple2, atari 2600, atari 5200, atari 7800, atarijaguar, atarilynx, comodore 64, coleco vision, dreamcast, fba, gamegear, gameboy, gameboy color, game boy advance, game cube, mame 2003, mame4all, master system, megadrive (sega genesis), n64, neogeo, neo geo pocket color, nes, pc (dos), pc engine (turbografx), ps2, psp, psx, saturn, scummvm, sega cd. sega 32x, snes, zxspectrum. enjoy! appreciate feedback

and as listed.

atari5200.zip948.99 KiB
atari7800.zip1.6 MiB
coleco.zip2.23 MiB
atari2600.zip2.51 MiB
atarilynx.zip10.95 MiB
BIOS.zip14.43 MiB
pcengine.zip21.75 MiB
gamegear.zip42.78 MiB
ngpc.zip58.61 MiB
mastersystem.zip59.05 MiB
sega32x.zip59.59 MiB
gb.zip63.15 MiB
atarijaguar.zip102.16 MiB
nes.zip105.39 MiB
apple2.zip138.07 MiB
gbc.zip220.47 MiB
megadrive.zip480.52 MiB
amiga.zip672.39 MiB
snes.zip675.06 MiB
segacd.zip973.02 MiB
fba.zip1005.57 MiB
c64.zip1.02 GiB
psp.zip1.25 GiB
zxspectrum.zip1.6 GiB
mame-mame4all.zip1.84 GiB
scummvm.zip2.41 GiB
n64.zip3.52 GiB
pc.zip3.58 GiB
gba.zip3.95 GiB
neogeo.zip3.96 GiB
saturn.zip4.36 GiB
ps2.zip7.52 GiB
mame-libretro.zip8.08 GiB
dreamcast.zip8.98 GiB
gc.zip25.16 GiB

I have an issue to upload the full file with its current size: 112.89 GiB, so I keep it here as a torrent one with the torrent status:

Files: 36
Seeders: 54
Leechers: 33
Size: 112.89 GiB (121216906063 Bytes)
Info Hash: D50D2CE567D87E3CF04FDFDA0297DDC4A81D8B63

Hope I can find a good community solution to save this file as direct downloading soon.

any way here is how to downloading files using torrent clients

1- download the following torrent file

Downloading The Torrent File

2- follow guide to use the light weight utorrent torrent client or use your favorite torrent client one.

What do you think?

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