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Transmission CLI The Best Torrent Client For CentOS 8 Linux

transmission-cli torrent client

If you're looking for fast, simple, easy to install CLI torrent client for CentOS Linux Distributions, So you must go to use Transmission-CLI, it will be best choice for Centos as a lightweight cli torrent client.

Transmission-CLI Installation

First We need install EPEL Repository

# dnf install epel-release

Then insall transmission-cli torrent client.

# dnf install transmission-cli

Using Transmission-CLI

To start download a local torrent file, you can use the transmission-cli command and gives it the file.torrent, and where to save the downloads -w

 transmission-cli ./file-to-download.torrent -w /place/to/save/Downloads/ -ep

But if you need to make encryption connection if available, you can use the -ep option.

You can also download a remote torrent file by give transmission-cli command the file url.

 transmission-cli -w /place/to/save/Downloads/ -ep

Magnet Link Torrent Download is available too, with Transmission-cli, and to download a Magnet Link use as following

transmission-cli  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0477A48A7C07B1F01FBDBCD.......... -w /place/to/save/Downloads/ -ep

Many options are available in transmission-cli --help

[root@li560-107 ~]# transmission-cli --help
transmission-cli 3.00 (bb6b5a062e)
A fast and easy BitTorrent client

Usage: transmission-cli [options] <file|url|magnet>

 -h  --help                          Display this help page and exit
 -b  --blocklist                     Enable peer blocklists
 -B  --no-blocklist                  Disable peer blocklists
 -d  --downlimit              Set max download speed in kB/s
 -D  --no-downlimit                  Don't limit the download speed
 -er --encryption-required           Encrypt all peer connections
 -ep --encryption-preferred          Prefer encrypted peer connections
 -et --encryption-tolerated          Prefer unencrypted peer connections
 -f  --finish               script   Run a script when the torrent finishes
 -g  --config-dir              Where to find configuration files
 -m  --portmap                       Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP
 -M  --no-portmap                    Disable portmapping
 -p  --port                    Port for incoming peers (Default: 51413)
 -t  --tos                      Peer socket TOS (0 to 255,
 -u  --uplimit                Set max upload speed in kB/s
 -U  --no-uplimit                    Don't limit the upload speed
 -v  --verify                        Verify the specified torrent
 -V  --version                       Show version number and exit
 -w  --download-dir            Where to save downloaded data

The Transmission Torrent Clinet Website can be found here

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