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Why Choosing an Appropriate WordPress Theme for a Freelancing Business is Critical

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A WordPress theme is an online tool used to alter the layout of a business' website. The tool is very essential because it customizes the different aspects of a website which include its layout, color, and topography. Changing certain aspects of a website is very critical because many clients are drawn to a website due to the physical appearance which leads to high traffic. Additionally, the page layout of a website is very essential because many customers judge a website just by the way they appear. Also, improving a website’s security ensures that hackers do not have easy access and maintains cybersecurity. The article will discuss why it is critical to choose an appropriate WordPress theme for a freelancing business.

Good Quality

Appropriate WordPress themes ensure that a website looks professional and attractive. For example, when a business owner chooses premium WordPress themes, there is an assurance that they will get technical support whenever required to upgrade any aspects of their website. Additionally, choosing WordPress themes that require subscriptions offer good quality work. “A business owner is assured of professional work when they pay for premium WordPress themes,” says Philip Kent, CTO at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters. For example, when a business owner chooses a free WordPress theme they may not receive any technical advice or professional advice on how to set up their website.


The right WordPress theme ensures that a business owner works within their desired budget. Freelance business owners who prefer cheaper options for WordPress themes have the freedom to acquire them while those who have a high budget to spend may settle on subscription services. However, the quality of work on a website depends on the cost incurred on the WordPress theme. Therefore, freelance business owners have the opportunity to use WordPress themes that are convenient and cost-effective depending on their budget.

Good Security

It is very critical for a freelance business owner to choose a WordPress theme that will improve the overall security of the website. The internet is a very insecure place especially for websites creating too much traffic. Hackers locate such websites and by-pass weak security systems creating serious cybersecurity issues. For example, a hacker may hold a website and ask for a fee from the owner so that the website can be released back to the owner. Therefore, website security is a very critical issue when choosing the WordPress theme to use.


When choosing an appropriate WordPress theme, a freelance business owner should select a tool that offers a variety of services. Websites that give clients easy access and navigation are preferable because they usually generate significant traffic. Therefore, the appropriate WordPress theme should provide the freelance business owner with more options that can make their website better. For example, a WordPress theme should equip a website with additional features such as appropriate navigation speed, personalization to the owner's needs, and simplicity and convenience for clients,” notes Kevin Campbell, technical writer at BeeStudent and Paper-Research.

Good Functionality

When choosing the appropriate WordPress theme to use a freelance business owner should first assess the functionality of the theme. WordPress themes that offer good functionality services ensure that a business owner gets a good quality website. For example, premium WordPress themes develop well-polished websites for a business owner. Such WordPress themes provide good functionality features that ensure a website functions properly in the long-run. Additionally, they offer technical support to the business owner in cases where the business owner experiences technical breakdowns.

Unique features

A freelance business owner should choose a WordPress theme that offers standout features to their website. Unique features on a website offer ease of access and navigation for clients visiting a website. Also, when a website has unique features, freelance business owners get to add information that ensures their products and services are properly displayed. For example, drag and drop features on websites offer business owners the opportunity to design effective ways to create features such as landing pages and sale pages.

In conclusion, choosing the appropriate WordPress themes is very essential for freelance business owners. When choosing themes to use while developing their websites, freelance business owners should employ tools that meet their website needs. Additionally, business owners should choose themes that are within their budgets so that they can avoid spending too much money. Appropriate WordPress themes should also provide freelance business owners with a variety of features that will make their websites better. Finally, a business owner should choose a WordPress theme that offers ease of operating the developed or upgraded website.

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