W32Dasm (Win32 disassembler)


The Classical Ideal Tool for reverse engineering.


W32Dasm (Win32Dasm) still a very useful programmers tool, especially for embed systems Programmers, or  reverse engineering lovers, or C Programmers.

W32Dasm won’t support instructions used by modern compilers when generating code.
also it does not Dasm IL ( Intermediate language )

IL: is an object-oriented programming language designed to be used by compilers for the .NET Framework before static or dynamic compilation to machine code. The IL is used by the .NET Framework to generate machine-independent code as the output of compilation of the source code written in any .NET programming language.

for modern debuggers you will need to testing modern debugger, such as x64dbg, which supports the new instructions (which W32Dasm does not support) and also the 64-bit architecture.

Download W32Dasm

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