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14083 Working MAME Romset

Mame Romset

Continue to post Retropie ROMs complete collection of games This is MAME Romset with 14083 Working Roms packages in a torrent file, But the package also contains Optional 24193 Non-working ROMs on MAME and left for you if you like to do another emulator testing.

Of course, you can ignore downloading the non-working package as it's all optional while downloading the torrent package as the following screenshot.


The package is provided by FitGirl The big Romset contributor, and the Table of Contents is below.

To Download The Torrent File, you can go to the Download store here.

To Use Torrent GUI  on Windows/Linux please visit the guide: Lightweight μTorrent (utorrent) torrent clients for Linux and Windows OS

And To Use Torrent CLI Linux Only please visit: Transmission CLI The Best Torrent Client For CentOS 8 Linux

The Current torrent file state is: Seeders: 240 Leechers: 148, Size: 36.7 GB, Optional Package File Size: fg-optional-non-working-roms.bin (25.0 GB) .

MAME Romset Torrent Files:

MAME [FitGirl Repack]
fg-01.bin (11.4 GB)
fg-02.bin (164.9 MB)
fg-03.bin (77.0 MB)
fg-04.bin (36.0 MB)
fg-05.bin (14.3 MB)
fg-06.bin (610.2 KB)

Opetional Romset File:

fg-optional-non-working-roms.bin (25.0 GB)

Romset Torrent MD5 And Extras:

fitgirl-bins.md5 (0.4 KB)
QuickSFV.EXE (101.0 KB)
QuickSFV.ini (0.2 KB)
setup.exe (5.3 MB)
Verify BIN files before installation.bat (0.1 KB)

Download The Torrent File

Full List Of Included Arcade Games Roms (14083 Working ROMs)

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