4 Steps to Write an Essay about AI Technologies

Write an Essay about AI Technologies

It is common for students to get “lost” or even panic when they are given an assignment to write an essay. Students often do not know how to write an essay about AI technologies. To make it easier for you to cope with the task, we will explain what steps you should take to write an essay about AI technologies.

What is an essay?

First, you need to understand what an essay is. It is a paper that has certain rules that are decisive when evaluating a work. These include compliance with the structure. If we consider the essay solely as a work of creativity, then it can take any form. 

If we consider an essay a form of assignment for a student, then, in this case, the rules must be followed. If it is difficult for you to write an essay following all the rules and you think, “I need to pay someone to write my essay,” then it is better to use A professional writer will write you a paper sticking to all rules and requirements. 

How to write an essay about AI technologies – step-by-step instructions

We have compiled step-by-step instructions on how to write an essay about AI technologies. In it, we described in detail each stage of creating this kind of paper. Using it, you can write high-quality material.

How to write an essay:

  1. First, decide on a topic. If the teacher gave you a specific topic, then you should first understand it. For example, if you were given a quote that you need to agree with or refute, then it is important to study the author of the statement. Thus, you will understand much faster in which direction you should move. For example, a topic for your essay may sound like this, “How artificial intelligence will affect human mental health.”
  2. Write an outline for your text. Follow the structure – introduction, body, and conclusion. The beginning and end of your essay will be similar, and arguments must be present in the main part. Explain why you think this way. For example, you can start your essay like this, “The release of ChatGPT proved that such programs could not only write codes, scientific articles, and analytical reviews but also compose poems, fairy tales, and scripts. The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are undeniable, but at the same time, many may lose the opportunity to compete in the field of intellectual labor and creativity. And the issues of ethics and safety become even more relevant. I am going to discuss how AI can affect a person's mental well-being.
  3. Write your essay. For argumentation, you can use various facts, personal experiences, research, as well as fiction and statements of famous personalities. Try to express your thoughts in a clear and structured way. It is important to influence the reader. This can be done with the help of vivid examples, speech means of expression, etc.
  4. As for the format of the text, the details should be clarified with your teacher since there are usually no requirements for an essay as such. It is only important to make the text easy to read and create a list of references. 

How to choose a topic for an essay

There are only two main options for choosing a topic for an essay. In the first case, the teacher gives the topic – it can be a question, a quote from a famous person, or a book, film, etc. Also, the wording of the essay can be abstract; the teacher can ask you to describe the AI technologies and your attitude to them. Much depends on the discipline and direction of your study.

In the second case, the student is given complete freedom; they have the right to choose for themselves what exactly they will write about. When choosing a topic for an essay, one should start with personal interests. Think whether there is some problem related to AI technologies that you have long wanted to think about or some of your opinion on a particular issue, then you can finally express it on paper. Remember, an essay is, first of all, specifically your opinion. Even if it's unpopular, you can still say it.

To choose an interesting topic, you can try to pay attention to some events, people. Think about your feelings and emotions; throw out your feelings on paper for any reason. You can look at some events from the past in a new way and analyze the other side of situations or phenomena that everyone has long been familiar with. 


Now that you have detailed instructions on how to write an essay, you can easily get the job done. Think of this task not as another problem but as an exciting task that will help you reflect and express your thoughts on paper.

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