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Top 5 Advanced Python Free Courses On Udemy

Advanced Python free courses on advanced python free courses on Udemy

Previously we talked about the Top 3 Coursera Python Courses To Improve Your Programming Skills which are available for free, as we can request the course with the Financial-aid program or only audit the class without the certificate of completion.

Today we have the Top 5 Advanced Python Free Courses On Udemy. All courses are highly rated real-world projects and implementation, but without a completion certificate too.

The Python Courses In A Recommendation Order:

Course1: Applied Deep Learning Build a Chatbot Theory And Application

machine learning

In this course, you will learn and understand the idea of how Chatbots work and implement them using Python and PyTorch the open-source machine learning framework.

It's a Valuable and Brilliant Course, with a 6hr 8min on-demand video that will make you Understand:

  • The theory behind Sequence Modeling and how Chatbots work
  • The idea of how RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) and LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) work
  • Implement a Chatbot in PyTorch, and the theory of different Sequence Modeling Applications

The course is for everyone interesting in Deep Learning Applications.

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Course2: Master Data Analysis with Python Intro to Pandas

Python data analysis with Pandas

With only knowledge of the fundamentals of Python, you can start your data analysis journey by mastering the fundamentals of the Pandas library.

You will learn the basics, concepts, and best practices for Pandas Python Data Analysis Library in about 5hr 9min of on-demand video with:

  • Intro to data analysis using Python Pandas Library, components of the DataFrame, Series, and Data-types
  • Selecting subsets of data and filtering data via boolean selection

This course is for those interested in Panda's best practices for effectiveness and efficiency and those who want to master doing data analysis with pandas.

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Course3: Machine Learning Crash Course for Beginners

python machine learning crash course

With clear explanation and excellent course of the Machine Learning, in about 1hr 43min of on-demand video.

You will move forward from a beginner to advanced, learning The basic concepts of Machine Learning, The Machine Learning Models, and How to use Machine Learning in your Projects.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about the basic concepts and models of Machine Learning and is curious about Data Science. The course will apply examples using Python 3.8.

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Course4: The Art of Doing Video Game Basics with Python and Pygame

python pygame course

This is a fantastic course, and you will enjoy it while getting all you need to know, to begin making your fun and straightforward arcade-style games!

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Pygame library and overall video game design.

How To:

  • Create Pygame surfaces and draw on them, Blit (copy) images and render text, And Add sound effects and music to your games.
  • Handling user input via keyboard and mouse for game controls, And Performing collision detection using Pygame Rects.

This course is for beginners of Python developers curious about video game design and the Pygame library and who love classic arcade games.

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Course5: Master Data Analysis with Python – Selecting Subsets of Data

Python Machine Learning

This course is the second part of course #2: The Master Data Analysis with Python Intro to Pandas, so you will Continue your data analysis journey and learn:

  • Select subsets of data from DataFrames with just the brackets, loc, and iloc.
  • Learn how to select rows and columns simultaneously and filter for specific criteria using boolean selection.

Learn a more intuitive procedure for filtering data with the query method, and take a challenging Certification Exam to validate your knowledge gained

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University of Michigan, Google, and IBM offer practical great Python courses at Coursera, and the best part is that you can take all of them as a scholarship or financial aid for free.

python financial aid scholarship courses

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