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Free Python PyGame Video Tutorials for Beginners

python pygame course

In the previous post Top 3 Coursera Python Courses To Improve Your Programming Skills, we start our journey to learning Python, and it's time to move forward and apply our Python skills in a Pygame project.

If you are an arcade games lover, you will find this course a fantastic one, and I'm sure you will enjoy it while getting all you need to know to start making your fun and straightforward arcade-style game.

In these free video tutorials, you will learn the hello world of PyGame, the Python open-source library for creating games, and it has been used by many game developers around the world.

You will learn the fundamentals of the Pygame library. and how to create Pygame surfaces and draw on them, render text, blit images, add sound effects to the game, handle user inputs, collision detection, and more.

This course will set you on your way, and if you want to continue learning about Pygame, you can optionally take the paid course The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation With Python and Pygame

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About PyGame

PyGame is a cross-platform set of Python modules that can be used to write video games.

It includes computer graphics libraries and sound libraries that are specifically designed for use with the Python programming language.

The modules are a powerful tool that will make it easier to create games on any platform.

You can use Pygame to create games on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

GameObject is a class in PyGame that represents a visual object. It understands how to render itself, maintain boundaries, and move around. It is similar to Sprite, which is another class in Pygame. In this tutorial series, we'll go over how to use GameObject in Pygame and its low-level workings.

The PyGame library provides a number of methods for processing input events. These include state checking, keyboard, and mouse events. In addition, each input event has attributes describing how to handle it.

The Render class in PyGame allows you to display text in the game window. You can specify the filename or a string and it will render the content accordingly. This is useful if you want to make text bold and italic. You can use either regular strings or Unicode to specify the font.

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