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5 SEO Tips For Beginners For 2022

SEO tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. In this article, we'll share some basic SEO tips for beginners.

The basics of search engine optimization include making sure that your site has relevant content, using keywords in your titles and meta descriptions, and creating quality backlinks.

Build Your Post TOC

You have to build your post TOC (Table of contents) to organize your post contents using header tags H2, H3, and H4.

header tags

You will start with H2 for subheaders because H1 is already reserved for the page/post title.

The most important part here is that you will need to insert your post focus or main keywords into the subheaders.

Write Unique Titles & Descriptions.

This is the most important SEO tip today, you should write unique titles and descriptions for each page or post on your site. This helps search engines find your content more easily. Also, make sure that your title and description contain relevant keywords.

Add Keywords to URLs.

If you use URL shorteners, add keywords to the end of the shortened link. Otherwise, add them to the beginning of the URL.

For example: in this article, I write a post about SEO tips, and “SEO tips” is my main keyword, you can check out that, the post URL slug is like that (, I have inserted the keywords in the URL.

Include Images.

You should also make sure that images are included in your post. the main or feature image is enough, but to get more engagement you may need to insert more images into the post content.

This will help search engines index your pages more easily, But you will need to make sure that, you have entered your post keywords for the image Alt text, and Title.

If you are using WordPress, you can use the add media fields to fill the alt and title for an image.

And of course, the image file name must contain your post keyword too, in our post example check out my feature image filename: seo-tips-2022.png

last thing about images, keep your image new or modify an existing one to be a unique one. and do not download from Google image, then upload to your posts directly. must have to present a new value to the image, and add your modification.

wordpress insert alt and title to an image

If you're not linking to other websites, then you're leaving money on the table.

We need to make bi-link directions, from your post to the external website post, and from external, we need backlinks to you.

But never doing that:

1- An external hyperlink on a keyword of your post or a keyword that your website talks about.
note that I do not make an external hyperlink on my post keyword “SEO tips”.

2- Do external hyperlinks for lower domain authority websites just do it for a high domain authority ie Wikipedia, W3Schools, and similar webs sites.

Google wants to see links back to your website so that it knows what your site is about. Links are an easy way to do this.

It's OK for Dofollow backlinks, or Nofollow too, both with harden you domain authority

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