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5 SEO For YouTube Tips For 2022

seo for youtube

YouTubers have been using SEO for Youtube, for years now, but they still struggle to rank their videos on Google. as Youtube has become an important part of many people’s lives. It’s where we watch funny cat videos, learn how to cook, and discover new music.

But even though YouTube is a great place to share your ideas, it’s also a crowded space. That means that getting noticed by viewers can be difficult.

Create An Descriptive Title Tag.

A title tag is one of the first things users see. If your title isn’t descriptive enough, it won’t help them find what they’re looking for. In addition, search engines use the title tag as a ranking factor. So make sure your title is relevant and includes keywords.

Power your Title with at least one power word or positive or negative sentiment, as you give the users a reason to click on your video title

Include Keywords In The Description.

Another thing to keep in mind is that search engine algorithms will prioritize text in the description box. This means that you need to include keywords in the description so that people searching for those terms will find your video.

Make sure to add related tags to your video, and also append your keywords as tags. because tags are the key in the video suggestions process, so you give information about your video to Youtube and users.

Optimize Thumbnail Image.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating YouTube videos is forgetting to optimize and upload custom and attractive thumbnail images.

Do not use auto-generated thumbnail images, it's highly recommended to use your custom thumbnail as it improves the number of clicks and views of your video

Clearly Focus On Your Target Keywords In Your Video Content

You need to clearly say your targeted keyword during your video content, it will appear in your video transcript, and this will make sense with Youtube SEO, but make your keywords come in the correct context and naturally.
you can follow the SEO tips for content at this point as it can be useful too.

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