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How to FullScreen Games On Laptop

How To Fullscreen Games On Laptop

While Playing Games on Laptop Windows PC or Mac, you may run into  a FullScreen issue,
Specially if you’r running an old game – that may before 2012.

OK, First thing you can do is to upgrade and install the latest Graphic Card Drivers (ie Intel HD, Nvidia, AMD Radeon, … etc).


ofcourse you can use your Laptop brand support website to upgrade or installing your exact Graphic Card software and drivers.

and follow steps into the following description videos.

For MAC Laptop (Intel HD Graphics).

For PC

for more you may need to get read the below great blog posts..

Full screen Nvidia & Intel graphics problem in old games like nfs mw,igi 1,etc
How To Run Games In Full Screen Mode On Windows 10

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